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Ranking Factory Members

Okay Ranking Factory Folks, we are ready to give you your version of Perfect Content.

We know that content creation has been a major problem for many of you (just like it was for us) and we want to reduce that burden down to Zero by getting you access to The Perfect Content System.

Look at What Others Are Saying:

WTF Patrick!! :O Man I just opened up the first of 235 articles on my first run. This content is unbelievable man! This article looks like I have a degree in psychology lol. Man this IS THE thing I needed. I’m blown away Patrick, good sh*****t! Thanks for saving my A$$$$$

TESTIMONIAL: I use Perfect Content daily. I’ve paid writers from the low to high-end pay scale. I’ve paid domestic and overseas writers. Now I can generate full web page articles at will. And I can spin them for reuse as needed. With Perfect Contents research, you can be as specific as you want. Go broad to get general niche articles, then get dialed in to generate long tail keyword specific content. I plug the raw, unspun articles into HTML pages and get 1st page Google rankings many times within 24 hours for local, long tail keywords.

Imagine, whenever you think of a long tail KeyWord, you don’t have to pay and wait for unique content. Or build a PPC campaign and finance clicks. Instead, you fire up Perfect Content, let it do the research and writing, plug the result into a new web page and quickly rank that page. You do that every day, at no added expense, and you’ll find profitable keywords!

Perfect Content is now a cornerstone of my business plan.
Thanks, Patrick.
Rick Stubblebine

Please note the version we are offering to you here is the current BASIC version.

It includes:
The Clear All Tab
Upload your own keywords Tab.

This is what the current pricing will be on this product when we release it Next Month.
The Basic Version for 1 License will be $99 upfront and 14.99 Monthly (this is what we are providing to you) KEEP READING!

The Lifetime version, for one license, of this will be $499.

So… For the Ranking Factory Members, we are Waiving The Upfront Fee and have to ask for $8.99 a month.

I know I said we though it would be $4.25 but by adding the API Feature which will deliver the done articles to the Local Folders on your computer, That aspect or feature is costing way more than we anticipated and it is well worth the cost just to keep everything simple and “on your local machine” for all members.

Purchase Basic Version

Basic Level Version

For the Ranking Factory Members, we are Waiving The Upfront Setup Fee

Monthly fee is $8.99

It includes:
The Clear All Tab
Upload your own keywords Tab

Here are the Optional Versions that are beyond Basic Level for $8.99

This is the Optional Pro Version that includes the following:


    Select Your Own Highly Optimized (Metadata Stuffed) Images (not other people’s links)

  • USE {cbt-quote}YOUR{cbt-quote} OWN VIDEOS

    Select Your Own Highly Optimized Videos with YOUR descriptions (not other people’s links)

  • Create External Authority Links

    Create Authority External Links or build links to all YOUR sites within each article

  • Language Training

    How to use Perfect Content creator with other languages– Very COOL

  • RSS Snippets

    Grab just the exact amount of Data to use for RSS Snippet Feeds

  • Incorporate Spintax {cbt-quote}Genius{cbt-quote} Techniques

    Incorporating Spintax Genius (Thanks to Live Stream Genius) techniques to compile articles and titles perfectly for YouTube and any other Social media that has size restrictions

  • Custom Spin ReWriter Recipes

    Super Custom Spin Rewriter recipes to make your content even that much better. NO ONE IS DOING THIS!!!

  • 4-6 New Ideas in the works!

    Plus at least 4-6 new ideas that we have approved

  • API to Other Sites & Mass Page Builders

    API to many sites and to other Mass Page Builder software programs

Get the Pro Version

Pro Version Special For Rank Factory Members

Pricing for this is $197 upfront and $29.97 per month.

We are already selling at this level. When we launch the price will go up.

Get the Pro Version Monthly

Pro Version Monthly Only Special For Rank Factory Members

Pricing for this is $45.00  per month.

For those who want PRO Version with  just A Monthly Payment and NO UPFRONT Fee.


Rank Factory Special - Lifetime Pro Version

Lifetime Pro Version

The Lifetime Pro Version will be $897 or higher when we Launch!!!

Your Rank Factory Price for a lifetime membership is $597.00 currently.

Many in RF have already purchased at this level and we will not be offering it to anyone else below this price.

Join the Master Mind

Mastermind Group

Last option, for a limited time, is our Mastermind group.

This includes weekly training and mastermind sessions with Gary, John or Myself.

You get 30 minutes with each of us per month.

In addition, you will get ALL our new software products

for free as we develop them and test them.

14 High Level Software and Training of Ours seen below:

Light Speed Indexer
Authority Indexer

Unlimited OCR Captcha Service Monthly

New YouTube Ranker
Mass Page Builder (in beta making 50.00 a day already)
Mass Page Builder Wonder Silo
MRSS Sitemaps
GeoRSS Sitemaps
G-Maps Domination
Titanic Sitemap
Free membership in The Shiny Objects Club Platform
Image Duplicator
Ultimate Video Ranking Course

AND WAIT- There Is More To Come.

We are constantly making Great deals with other Developers which means you’ll get better pricing from us than the general public will.

This is one of the New Additions:

DO Not Buy from this page this is just the Sales Page for you to see it.

Monthly Membership = $197.00 per month.

Ranking Factory and Perfect Content members only $97.00 per month – Limited to Only 50 Members

3 Pay Option

Perfect Content 3 Pay Option for Lifetime Membership

Pay for your Lifetime Membership in three (3) Monthly Payments

Buy Now

The Ranking Factory - Perfect Content Software COMBO SPECIAL Lifetime Discount

Many of our friends in The Ranking Factory wanted to buy the Perfect Content Software

and many of our friends who have the Perfect Content Software wanted to buy the Ranking Factory.

So we made a special Lifetime discount for those that wish to get both with a discount.



My Skype name is patricktuttle
My Phone is 443-807-8383

Any issues, which there may be some because of this special offer please connect with me or Gary ASAP
Gary Affron
Patrick Tuttle

P.S. We will check to make sure you are a member in Rank Factory before we issue ANY license.

You will risk the loss of your license if you are found adding people who are not currently Members of Rank Factory.